We’ve started Water Well Projects in East Africa!

 East Africa faces numerous problems with multiple obstacles that are negatively affecting the lives of the people of the continent. One major challenge is lack of ability for both rural and urban communities to access clean water. More than 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live every day without regular, dedicated access to improved water sources. The East Africa region of the continent is considered to be the area of greatest concern on the continent.

Large number of women often drop out of school when they attain puberty age due to lack of sanitation and toilets, and they soon are trained as the new water carriers for the family. Women cross long distance everyday to bring water to the family, rape cases and other gender related violence have been reported while on their journey of seeking water. This is worsening the already existing gender inequality in the continent as more women leave schools - leading to lower participation of women in the economy.

Water scarcity is increasing the poverty rate of the continent. But we believe that it can be mitigated and eliminate as it is not caused by a physical lack of water. We strongly believe that funds that are available for water resources are not substantial enough to meet water demands in an area where the population does not have the financial means to make use of an adequate water source on its own.

To address that social problem faced by the less privileged communities in East Africa, Give To Learn To Grow Foundation is drilling water wells in the region to provide closer access to clean water. We intend to expand our water wells projects in the entire region and we started the first well in Gal-Barwaaqo community who are in a dire need of clean water. The entire small town/village has no single well and the people use rain water catchments and other unsustainable water sources for daily use.

The goal of Give To Learn To Grow Foundation is to bring clean, sustainable water supplies to within a 1km or less of a village. By doing so, communities can be freed to begin working themselves out of poverty. Through your support, we invest in proven partners who are drilling fresh water wells and other water projects providing sanitation and hygiene training and constructing other sustainable water projects.