Education is Life Itself

Give to Learn Post 5.png

Learning is a daily practice. It is imperative to learn all we can to accumulate the knowledge needed to live a happy life and to share that knowledge and the surrounding benefits that come with it with others. Knowing is good, yet applying what has been learned is key.

We may quickly forget the priveledges we have as we live our lives. Our access, our freedoms, our technology. 

A reality check can quickly bring us to a place of empathy. Taking the time to track back to when we did not have all of the perks and amenities as we do at this very moment can evoke generosity within us.

It is a satisfying feeling to receive. It can be a superb feeling to give. Giving others some of what we have to help them better prepare for the challenges of life can be a truly marvelous experience. 

We give to help others learn, to grow.

Kombe Mohamed