Las Anod Public Library

Give to Learn to Grow Foundation is an innovative organization partnering with local communities to bring change to the lives of children. Our first project has launched in the town of Las Anod with a library. Our goal is to create a centre for young children in the community to gather for books, education & storytelling. We are creating opportunities for equitable education and poverty reduction. Our mission is to enlighten and enrich the lives of children in the Horn of Africa, especially those not in school and highly vulnerable.

The Las Anod Public Library will be the only public space in Las Anod for children to learn. Currently, all schools require a tuition and many parents are not able to afford it. The new space will used for children 3 years to 10 years. We believe primary education can change the lives of the children in Las Anod.

The site has been selected, the community is excited and we are excited to launch The Newt & Pat Trable Public Library in Las Anod Febraury 2019.