Our Teachers Training Program kicks off in Gal-Barwaaqo community!

As part of mission to enhance the lives of underprivileged children in the Horn of Africa, we are currently conducting “Teachers Training Program”. This program is intended to strengthen the capacity of instructors before starting to teach at our new school in Gal-Barwaaqo. In partnership with Abaarso Tech University, Give to Learn to Grow Foundation, has recruited primary school teachers through a merit and competence based process.

Said Adan Abdi, Managing Director of Abaarso Tech University, has interviewed and finally selected the final five applicants who performed well during the exam process. After the selection process, Abdi, along with the five teachers, travelled to Gal-Barwaaqo school to learn about the children’s educational levels.

During the observation process, the kids were tested in English, Math and Arabic subjects. Based on the assessment, the kids were divided into four classrooms.

The newly recruited teachers have the passion and commitment to live and teach the children of Gal-Barwaaqo for a minimum of two years. The teachers are from various cities in the region including Borame, Hargeisa and Las Anod. The young school students will be able to embrace and take advantage of the teacher’s rich diversity. This will help them learn and inspire them to grow vibrantly.

After the assessment, the teachers are back in the city of Burco to attend a three months “Teacher Training Program” which is being held at Abaarso Tech University. The program is intended to support instructors to improve their teaching skills and to develop their knowledge and skills of learning centered teaching techniques which they can apply in their classrooms.

This program is part of Give To Learn To Grow Foundation’s life-changing programs that are established by the foundation to inspire and empower underprivileged children through the power of books and give them a path to knowledge.

Kombe Mohamed