Las Anod's Abyan Primary School construction starts with a new wall!

Abyan Public Primary School was established in 1946 and it is the oldest formal education school in Las Anod. The school produced thousands of primary school graduates since then and it has always been the source of knowledge for many kids in the city.

With the limited capacity, the school currently hosts more than 300 primary students in which 140 of them are girls and 139 of them are between grades 1 to 4. Furthermore, there are 32 students who are under the age of 7 who are taught Quran and the school considers them as preschool pupils. Parents in the city usually prefer to bring their young kids to Abyan instead of other local Quranic schools. 

Unfortunately, in the last few decades, Abyan School has been facing couple of challenges that were barring the school from providing safe and conducive environment for learning as well as getting the capacity to accommodate more pupils who are willing to learn. Weaker structures due to ageing and lacking maintenance of school classrooms have badly hammered the progress that could have been made. 

Give to Learn to Grow Foundation have paid a visit to the school last month to assess its most pressing needs, during the meeting the School Principal asked the Foundation to assist building the wall as the security for the children since the school had no outside-round-wall.

By the grace of the Almighty, we have abled to start funding and constructing the wall this week. The Foundation has recruited local construction workers to get decent wages and as well as to contribute to the safety of their children. Construction is well underway and it’s expected to be completed by the next two weeks.

We highly believe that a healthy learning environment in schools is only possible when pupils and instructors are provided with adequate amenities, like books and pens, but also safe and sound facilities.